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Editors, Contributors and Contact information

Concept, Project Coordination and Editing:
Angela Koutsokera, MD

Project Supervisors:
-Alban Lovis, MD
-Prof Jean-William Fitting, MD
-Prof John-David Aubert, MD
-Prof Laurent Nicod, MD

Contributors (in alphabetical order):
-Maurizio Bernasconi, MD - bronchoscopist, site reviewer
-Cecile Daccord, MD - bronchoscopist, literature research
-Valentina Garelli, MD - bronchoscopist
-Deborah Hinchliffe, RGN, Teaching Practitionner of the Endoscopy department
-Damien Keller, MD - bronchoscopist
-Samir Lahzami, MD - bronchoscopist
-Rodrigo Manzoni, MD - bronchoscopist
-Alexandra Mihalache, MD - bronchoscopist
-Leslie Noirez, MD - bronchoscopist
-Adam Ogna, MD - bronchoscopist
-Antoine Pasche, MD - bronchoscopist, site reviewer
-Sylvie Perret, RGN of the Endoscopy department
-Nicolas Petitpierre, MD - bronchoscopist, site reviewer
-Maura Prella, MD - bronchoscopist
-Fabienne Reinhard-Groebli, MD - bronchoscopist
-Antonio Valenti, MD - bronchoscopist

Nicolas Liechti, Digital Communication Manager
Paule Goumaz Donzallaz, Intranet Manager

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